Mountain biking is inherently a dangerous sport. We ride down rocky uneven terrain at faster than normal speeds. The chance of falling is very prevalent in anyone’s mind who does it. If your path of cycling has lead you into the gravity-oriented styles or riding such as downhill, freeride, and enduro, chances are you have a full-face helmet. If you want to take your protection and self-perseverance to the next level, it’s time to purchase a neck brace. Neck braces minimize the risk or receiving a neck injury from a bad crash or Collison. A neck brace only works with a full-face helmet, it will not work with a standard half-shell helmet.

Some riders dislike the lack of head movement you have while wearing a neck brace. Since the brace minimizes the space between the helmet and your body, you can’t look as far down or up. It is annoying to have a burdened field of vision, but many riders view it as a worthy compromise for increase protection of their neck. The brace redirects the force of the impact of the crash to other parts of your body instead of your neck. Other parts of your body are more capable of taking abuse than your neck is. Neck injuries also tend to have a very uncomfortable healing process.

Neck braces have proven to help with neck injuries and many riders won’t leave the house without one. Combined with a full-face helmet, there is no safer combination you can have for that portion of your body. If you look at the lineup of World Cup DH Racers, a decent portion choose to run a neck brace every race. Multiple Red Bull Rampage competitors choose to run neck braces out on the red exposed cliffs of Utah as well.

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