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Toe Clips and Straps

Once upon a time, toe clips and straps were industry standard in the cycling world, providing riders a secure connection with their pedals, and allowing them to generate power on both the upstroke and downstroke. But in the mid-1980s the French company Look started applying Alpine ski binding technology to its cycling pedals, creating the first widely used clipless pedal where a sole-mounted cleat clips into a binding mechanism built into the pedal body.

This effectively ended the use of toe clips and straps on higher end road and mountain bikes, but that doesn’t mean they have no place in the cycling world. Perhaps you are looking to up the efficiency of your commuter bike, but do not want to wear traditional clip-in cycling shoes. Or maybe you want to add a little retro flare to your fixie. Whatever the case, JensonUSA has you covered with a variety of toe clips and straps.

And just because you’re not using the latest and greatest technology doesn’t mean you won’t be able to generate power. Indeed, when you install a set of toe clips and straps to your platform pedals, your foot is effectively locked in place, allowing you to generate speed throughout your pedal stroke, not just when pushing down.

At JensonUSA we carry a variety of toe clips and straps from companies like Fyxation, Dimension, MKS, and All-City. If you have any questions about toe clips and straps, pick up the phone and call one our expert Gear Advisors at 888-880-3811.