Urban and Cruiser Bike Handlebars

Mustache, ape hanger, north road, upright, and bike basket friendly. These are just some of the options that fit within the laid back, freewheeling urban and cruiser bike handlebars category. Each has their own unique look and style, but all of them cater to a fun (if not slightly irreverent) cycling experience that typically puts the rider in a more upright and comfortable riding position. These types of handlebars are perfect for commuter bikes, beach cruisers, or any ride where style trumps substance and the primary performance metric is looking cool not going fast.

But just as with other cycling component categories, when choosing urban and cruiser bike handlebars there are a handful of key considerations such as width, rise, and clamp diameter. Unlike most road and mountain bike handlebars, where 31.8mm is the norm, some urban and cruiser bike handlebars utilize a 25.4mm clamp diameter, though some come with shims that allow them to interface with 31.8mm stems. Point being, make sure you know your bike’s stem size before pulling the trigger on new urban and cruiser bike handlebars.

Other considerations include grip width and brake/shift lever compatibility. Many urban and cruiser bike handlebars play nice with mountain bike-style shifters and levers, while some will also seamlessly interface with bar end shifters. There are also options such as the Nitto Mustache Alloy Bar that works with road brake levers and bar end shifters.

If you have any questions about urban and cruiser bike handlebars, or are just looking for ideas on how to add a little flare to your ride, pick up the phone and call one of JensonUSA’s Gear Advisors today at 888-880-3811. They will get you pointed in the right direction — and make sure you look good on the way there.